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An aerial view

An aerial view

Q. We are considering hiring a drone for our wedding photography and videography. Can you advise us?

A. Sarah Turpitt says: Sarah says: There's no denying that drone photography and videography is an incredible way to document the grand perspective of the chosen wedding venue.

As with any service you're hiring for your wedding day, it's important that it's a worthwhile investment. You must also feel comfortable that your chosen drone photographer is operating within the law before any money is paid. It's illegal for a drone operator to take payment for their services unless they hold a Civil Aviation Authority permission to fly a drone. It's also a legal requirement that they hold Commercial Drone Insurance or Public Liability Insurance. So before you confirm your booking, make sure you have received evidence of both in writing.

If you have seen some aerial photography that you like the style of, get in touch with the photographer to request to see their portfolio, and check their reviews. Most wedding venues will have drone operator contacts that they can share with you.

Once you have taken these necessary steps, check that they have availability on your preferred date. Discuss what shots you wish to achieve, including static images and video ones. Make sure that you read their terms and conditions and are happy with them.

Don't forget to contact your venue and ask if they have any other restrictions on permitting drone photography, for example, restricted fly zones etc.

Sarah Turpitt