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Way with words

Way with words

Q. Caroline Taylor is the creative talent behind award-winning stationery brand Love Tree Designs. Clients can choose from her growing customisable collection, or have their bespoke designs made.

A. Caroline Taylor says: Caroline says: The biggest trends that I am seeing for wedding stationery include:

- Bespoke designs
Creating these is my most requested service. Most couples that I work with love to know that their wedding stationery will be unique and has had a lot of time and effort put into making it truly special.

- Wedding venue illustrations
This is something that I love doing and find that I am being asked to do more of, especially watercolour paintings or line drawings of the couple's chosen wedding venue that features throughout their wedding stationery. Also, a framed, personalised version featuring the names and wedding date in calligraphy makes the most beautiful gift or wedding keepsake.

- Personalised details
Adding personalised details can create a more luxurious feel to wedding stationery. I find that I am doing more watercolour and calligraphy initial monograms and crests for wedding invitations, and the finer details include personalised wax seals and embossed envelopes.

- Minimalistic designs
Many couples are requesting that their wedding stationery has a more simplistic design with the main invitation being plainer, and the information displayed on an additional details card.

- Added layers and texture
One of my favourite things about creating beautiful wedding stationery is using a mix of materials in layers to add depth. From the textured card, coloured envelopes, silk ribbons, and sprigs, anything is possible! My favourite is pocket folds with a magnet and a wax seal.

- Soft muted tones, or a bold, contrasting colour palette
These are the two different colour themes that I'm seeing more of at the moment and I love them both!

- Calligraphy
Calligraphy is definitely on trend and I feel it always will be. It's such a beautiful art form, adding a soft elegance to anything, and I love doing it.

Caroline Taylor,Love Tree Designs