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Q. We're looking for some fun entertainment ideas to wow our guests at our wedding, can you help?

A. Lewis Butcher says: Hiring a professional wedding magician with plenty of tricks up their sleeve is the perfect way to amuse your guests during your reception.

There can be a lot of time spent sitting around on the day, with guests waiting for the photographer to finish taking the couple shots and for dinner to be served.

Magic is something that everyone can appreciate, from small children to the older generation, and it translates into any language and culture.

The shared experience of watching me, and participating in my tricks, can help break the ice with guests who don't know each other and it's guaranteed fun, adding the wow factor to any celebration.

I specialise in close-up and table magic, performing tricks with cards, coins and rings, as well as illusions, predictions and mind reading.

Lewis Butcher, LB Magic UK