Cornish brand High Point offer non-alcoholic drinks for Dry January

Two bottles of High Point's non-alcoholic Ruby Aperitif and Amber Digestif drinks If you're enjoying a Dry January this year and looking for a healthier drink option then why not try the new non-alcoholic fermented aperitif and digestif by Cornish brand High Point? Ruby Aperitif and Amber Digestif both offer a vibrant flavour and will leave you with a clear head the following morning!

They are made in Cornwall and are the world's first premium non-alcoholic fermented aperitif and digestif. Both have been created without artificial flavours or colours, made with natural ingredients taken from the surrounding Cornish countryside and then mixed with Cornish spring water and tea leaves. These botanicals are then infused, fermented and blended to produce drinks that are layered in flavours, deep in aromas and complexity - the perfect pick for a spring wedding.

High Point Ruby is a vibrant fermented aperitif and delicious served as a spritz with tonic and ice. This bittersweet citrus aperitif enjoys a wild herbal aroma. High Point Amber is a deeply smoky fermented digestif, which has been cold-smoked and aged for one week after blending. Best served with ginger ale or neat over ice, it includes vanilla and cacao nibs as some of it's delicious flavours.

Both are priced at £19.99 per bottle. To shop, visit

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