Devon-based Flapjackery launches LOVE YOU and BE MY VALENTINE flapjacks

Love You flapjacks from Devon-based Flapjackery Spread a little love with Devon-based Flapjackery's LOVE YOU and BE MY VALENTINE flapjacks this Valentine's Day. Either 'Love You' or 'Be My Valentine' is inscribed on the top of a giant piece of delicious handmade flapjack, surrounded by other delectable and unusual flavours making it a Valentine's Day gift to remember!

Created by Flapjackery in their kitchen located on the edge of Dartmoor in West Devon, these mouth-watering, gluten-free chunks of sugary joy are laden in golden syrup. They have just enough crunch, with the perfect amount of crumble, and absolutely no chewiness at all.

A giant slab of Millionaire Flapjack (equivalent to four individual pieces) is the centrepiece inscribed in white chocolate and surrounded by eight other pieces of Flapjackery flapjacks in flavours you choose. Alternatively, choose a smaller box with four, rather than eight, extra pieces of flapjack.

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