Mainbrace Rum Sponsors Race for Carrick Fleet at Falmouth Sailing Week 2022

A bottle of Mainbrace Rum on a stony beach Cornish spirits brand, Mainbrace, has announced a partnership with the Port of Falmouth Sailing Association (PoFSA), the non-profit organisation responsible for organising, running, and promoting sailing in Falmouth waters.

The partnership will involve the sponsorship of the "Mainbrace Rum Race" for the Carrick Fleet, which will take place during Falmouth Sailing Week on Wednesday 10th August 2022 from 11 am onwards. Following the race, there will be a prize giving on Thursday 11th August, where Mainbrace will be awarding the winners with their rum and gin products, as well as other branded items.

This is a natural partnership, as Mainbrace's name is inspired by the naval term to "splice the mainbrace", which embodies the spirit of courage, teamwork, and friendship. In the days of sail, the main mast was steadied with a thick rope called the mainbrace. If it was cut by enemy fire, a brave team of naval ratings (sailors) had to splice the rope back together in the heat of a battle to save the ship. As a reward for successfully achieving this herculean task the captain would order the ship's purser to issue a double ration of rum to the team of ratings as a toast to victory.

To 'splice the mainbrace' inevitably became a naval euphemism for an important celebration and was always accompanied with the toast 'The King – God Bless Him' or 'The Queen – God Bless Her.' Mainbrace, therefore, embodies the spirit of celebrating a victory, no matter how big or small, while continuing to pay homage to Royal Navy traditions and the spirit of the sea.

To "splice the mainbrace" to the upcoming races, a Mainbrace Rum Bar will be set up on Saturday 6th August, where the Mainbrace team will be offering complimentary rum cocktails to guests. Richard Haigh, Co-Founder of Mainbrace Rum, commented: "We're delighted to be sponsoring the Mainbrace Rum Race for the Carrick Fleet during Falmouth Sailing Week for the second year running. We're very much looking forward to splicing the mainbrace with everyone taking part, and wish everyone the best of luck!"

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