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To have and to hold

Bryony and Zoe attended the same secondary school where they became best friends. "We shared similar interests and our friendship grew stronger after we left school," they tell us. "Five years later, we fell in love and purchased a house together."

The couple became engaged on 26th June 2019 when Bryony proposed to Zoe at Bigbury on Sea beach in Devon. "I couldn't think of anything better than having Zoe as my wife," Bryony tells us. "I asked her mum and dad for their blessing before popping the question at our favourite spot. Zoe's mum Debbie had helped me choose the ring which was a big surprise for Zoe, and she said "yes" instantly - plenty of happy tears were shared!"

Church on time

Lucinda and Adam met online. "I was attracted to his beard," Lucinda tells us, "and I loved her legs!" Adam adds. The couple started dating and became engaged during a surprise proposal on the beach in St. Ives, Cornwall. "It was a wonderful moment and the weather was perfect," Lucinda tells us. "Some members of the public nearby clapped and cheered us on which was very special!" The couple decided to get married at The Minster Church of St. Andrew Plymouth and host their reception at the Treasury café, bar and restaurant next door. "The church is breathtaking and both venues are very centrally located which was perfect, especially for our older guests," Lucinda tells us.

All you need is love with Lisa and Simon

Lisa and Simon met on a night out in London with her growing up in Devon and him in North Yorkshire. "After moving in together, Simon proposed to me in our garden which was perfect because I had been dropping hints about getting engaged for a while but he knew that I wouldn't want a public proposal!" Lisa tells us. "He had secretly been visiting a jeweller in Bournemouth to design an engagement ring for me and presented it to me on one knee."

A fine February day

Georgia and Alex met at university through a mutual friend. "We had briefly crossed paths during the first year at a birthday party and Alex felt a spark," Georgia tells us. "He told me that he found me funny and outgoing but I was in a relationship at the time. During our third year, I became single so Alex kept asking me out for several months until I gave in - it's the best thing I ever did! I was attracted to him because of his kindness and thoughtfulness but he's also daring and a lot braver than me at trying new adventures!"

An intimate affair for Tia and Nathan

Tia and Nathan met via an online dating app and chatted for a few weeks before enjoying their first date. "We kept making plans to meet up but I kept getting nervous and rearranging at the last minute," Tia tells us. "We agreed to meet for his birthday and I knew I couldn't let him down again so we finally met and the rest is history." The couple became engaged just after Christmas. "We had already chosen the ring together and Nathan surprised me after asking my dad for permission," Tia says. "It was a mutual decision to get married because we were separated for ten days during a family holiday and had never been apart for that long before. We knew then that we should just do it!"

Happily ever after for Olivia and Arran

Olivia and Arran met in a nightclub in Exeter and enjoyed their first date at the Fisherman's Cot pub in Bickleigh. Olivia tells us, "I remember thinking Arran was tall and very handsome - he has the bluest eyes I've ever seen." Arran adds, "I first noticed Olivia's beautiful eyes too and I loved her sense of humour."

Beach vibes

Ana and Stephen met at university in York. "We started talking online and then went on our first date which was a walk around the castle walls in the city centre," Stephen tells us. "We met up again the following day so it went well! Even my pasty addiction wasn't enough to put Ana off!" The couple became engaged during a trip to Cornwall. "We both love this part of the world and had enjoyed holidays there since we were children so this was the natural choice of location for me to propose in," Stephen tells us. "We had spent the morning at Dairyland Farm Park with our nephew (Ana had also secretly wanted to go!) and I had organised a surprise for her when we got back to the cottage where we were staying. It had a hot tub overlooking St Michael's Mount so I had asked mum and dad to leave out a bottle of champagne, chocolates and strawberries for us. After countless guesses as to when it was going to happen, she was completely surprised when it did!"

Just the two of us with Jess and Ted

Jess and Ted met at university. "Ted joined the mixed netball team where I was already a member and our relationship blossomed from there!" Jess tells us. "We're now usually found playing or coaching dodgeball across the country, and we run a dodgeball club together." The couple became engaged during an intimate proposal at home. "We had talked about getting married but wanted to wait until we could afford a wedding before getting engaged," Jess tells us. "Ted ordered a ring that he thought would arrive in time for a trip that we were taking to South Africa last year but it didn't so he asked me to marry him at home instead."

A family affair for Laura and Frank

Laura and Frank met when they were teenagers and were set up as a joke by mutual friends. They started dating and always knew that they wanted to get married but had plenty of other things to spend their money on beforehand. "In the end, we gave in to the constant questions about it from our friends and family and got engaged," Laura says. "It was a joint decision between us both when the time was right."

The look of love

Roxanne and Billy met at secondary school when they were both just 11 years old. "We started going out with each other when we were 15," Roxanne tells us. "We were best friends and both made each other laugh. He thought I was pretty and I thought that he had funny hair!" The couple became engaged four years later during a surprise proposal in Mexico. "Billy had asked my dad for his permission and I had no idea," Roxanne says. "My dad was very happy and said that I'd never find anyone better. Billy asked me to marry him on the beach and had arranged a photographer to take some pictures – it was a wonderful surprise!"

Garden party

Chloe and Ian lived in the same village and kept noticing each other from afar before they met. "Two different sets of friends tried to set us up on a blind date," Chloe tells us. When the couple did eventually enjoy their first date together, it was on 21st June 2017, two years before they would be married. "We both knew very quickly that we were going to be together because we share a love of walking, being outdoors, a passion for animals and some of the finer things in life while both being pretty down to earth at the same time,"

Out of the ordinary

Sophie and Travis enjoyed their wedding in a tipi against a stunning Cornish beach backdrop. Sophie and Travis met when he visited Australia on a working holiday visa. "It was a trip that his family thought would only last a couple of weeks," Sophie tells us. "We both attended a cocktail tasting night through work and it was there that we got chatting. This was followed by a Facebook friend request and the rest, as they say, is history! "The couple became engaged underneath the washing line at Travis's parents' house on a trip to Australia! "He assures me that he planned to propose a few months later when we were going to be in New Zealand but he lost his nerve and just asked me sooner!" Sophie tells us. "He proposed with his great grandmother's ring and then we went ring shopping together which was romantic."