Real Weddings from Your Devon and Cornwall Wedding

See how other local couples celebrated their big day with inspirational weddings and bridal stories from Real Weddings features in Your Devon and Cornwall Wedding.

Real Weddings: Glastonbury Vibes

Glastonbury Vibes

Jen and Chris met by chance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2016. "It was at the Arcadia stage while the DJ Andy C was playing," the couple tell us. "Our friends hung out and we kept in touch. When we got married, we walked up the aisle as husband and wife to the song Heartbeat Loud by Andy C which was very relevant!"


Real Weddings: Cornish Charm

Cornish Charm

Cornish Charm


Real Weddings: The Greatest Show

The Greatest Show

Emma and Aaron met in a local pub through a mutual friend. "Aaron was quiet while I was outgoing and making jokes all night," Emma tells us. "Aaron was too shy to ask me out so he asked his friend to invite me to spend time with them both and eventually plucked up the courage to ask me on a date - the rest is history!"


Real Weddings: Something Blue

Something Blue

Izzy and Alex met at the Truro Hockey Club and both still play for the club now. They became engaged when Alex proposed in St. Ives. "He popped the question with his nana's ring which is stunning," Izzy tells us. "We had gone to do some last-minute Christmas shopping when he asked me to marry him! We went for lunch and then he surprised me by inviting our parents and his brother for dinner. He had secretly booked additional annual leave for us both for the following day and we all stayed in St. Ives to celebrate."


Real Weddings: Love Al Fresco

Love Al Fresco

Abbie and Alan met through a mutual friend. "We were introduced at a gig – I had expressed interest in him and we hit it off straight away!" Abbie says. "Alan proposed during a stay at a log cabin in Cornwall just after my 30th birthday with our closest friends gathered around. It was a wonderful surprise because he had led me to believe for a long time that he wasn't interested in getting married!"


Real Weddings: A Devonshire Day

A Devonshire Day

Jojo and Kane met at work. "We clicked instantly and found that spending time together felt very easy," Jojo tells us. "We quickly realised that we shared the same sense of humour and grew very close."


Real Weddings: An Intimate Day

An Intimate Day

Ellie and Tim met online and instantly hit it off during their first date at a local pub. "We discovered that we both shared a joint love of travelling, Christmas and good food and drink," Ellie tells us. "Tim proposed during a trip to Peru as we were climbing Machu Picchu. It was a complete surprise - I had no idea!"


Real Weddings: Besides The Seaside

Besides The Seaside

Vikki and Andy met at school where they were best friends. "We got back in contact 20 years later and never looked back," Vikki tells us. Andy proposed on the 4th of July 2020, the day that the lockdown was lifted. "We were in our local pub with all of our friends gathered around us when he asked me to marry him," Vikki tells us. "It was a great surprise!"


Real Weddings: Coastal Charm

Coastal Charm

Hayley and James met through mutual friends and after becoming a couple, James proposed in Barcelona on the rooftop of the Yurbban Passage hotel where they were staying. "The staff knew about it so they made sure that the rooftop was off-limits for other guests," Hayley tells us. "Afterwards, when we headed back to our room, it was full of flowers and champagne which was incredible."


Real Weddings: A Cornish love story

A Cornish love story

Jess and Laurie met through work and became good friends before becoming a couple. They became engaged on Porthilly Beach after enjoying a swim with their dog, Pugly. "It was a sunny day and when we got out of the sea, Laurie wrapped me up in a blanket, got down on one knee and popped the question," Jess tells us. "He had a bottle of champagne that we enjoyed as we watched the sun go down."


Real Weddings: Down on the farm

Down on the farm

Hannah and James were both raised on their family farms which they now run. "We met when James was working in his field located next to the farm belonging to my family and his machine broke down. To save him from travelling back to his farm, he popped into ours and asked to use our workshop to repair his machine," Hannah tells us. "James mentioned that he needed a tractor driver to help on his farm, and after seeing my tractor-driving skills, he offered me the position! After many years of working for James, we realised that there was a spark between us."


Real Weddings: Memories made in Devon

Memories made in Devon

Charlotte and Craig met through the local Young Farmer's Club and became engaged when Craig popped the question at Charlotte's family farm. "We decided to set our wedding date for the following September," Charlotte says.


Real Weddings: Love al fresco

Love al fresco

Carina and Matt met on a night out in Manchester when they were both at university and have been a couple for ten years. "It was our friend, Chris' 21st birthday when we met so naturally he was one of the ushers at our wedding!" they tell us. Matt proposed during a trip that he planned as a surprise for Carina's 28th birthday. "It was exactly 51 weeks before our wedding then took place," Carina says. "There was a cabin by a lake with a hot tub and champagne where we were staying. Matt had called our parents the week before to tell them and ask for their blessing so the proposal was a wonderful surprise and perfect in every way." Carina and Matt wanted to get married in Devon where Carina is from so here she tells us all about their magical day at Harefield Barn in Crediton.


Real Weddings: A family affair

A family affair

Jeanette and David met at work and became a couple after sharing a kiss in the lift at a post-Christmas workparty. They started dating and welcomed their daughter, Hannah in 2012. Five years later, their son William was born. "David proposed to me on Christmas Day in 2017 during dinner and he had taken our five-year-old daughter shopping for my engagement ring!" Jeanette tells us. "It was a wonderful family proposal. "The couple chose Salcombe Yacht Club as their venue and decided on a rustic beachy theme styled with navy, gold, red and cream touches.


Real Weddings: Something blue

Something blue

Harriet and Matthew were childhood sweethearts, having met at school 10 years ago. "Harriet is my best friend's sister, so she was always around whenever we met up," Matthew tells us. "We became friends and grew close. She is stunning, and her personality is incredible - she is such a caring person. "Harriet adds, "Matthew was the cool sporty guy in school that everyone fancied, including me. He's my rock, the person I can turn to for anything. He is such a kind, caring man who will always put his family and friends first."


Real Weddings: Summer lovin'

Summer lovin'

Helen Jayne Parkin, 31, married Phillip Arthur Daniels, 50, on 16th July 2022 at the Church of St John the Baptist, East Down in North Devon. This was followed by a marquee reception held at their home farm in Combe Martin.


Real Weddings: Take the stage

Take the stage

Charlotte and Olly met whilst Charlotte was running a board game event at the bookshop where she worked and their friendship was cemented that day over a game of Munchkin. "It's fair to say that board games are the thing that brought us together and have been a pivotal part of our relationship," Charlotte tells us. "Since meeting, we have attended many a game convention together and always remained a united front - except when competing across the table!"


Real Weddings: Magic moments

Magic moments

Anya and Andy met at Anya's place of work when Andy started some building work at the offices. "We instantly got along and I looked forward to him coming in every day," Anya tells us. "I was attracted to his sense of humour because he always made me laugh. He tells me that he first noticed my smile and the sparkle in my eyes!" Andy adds, "Anya appeared to ignore me at first, missing my chat-up lines because she was wearing her headphones!"

The couple spent their first date enjoying an off-road drive in Andy's truck followed by lunch. "It wasn't long after the first date that we both realised that we had each found somebody special in one another and the spark was there," Anya says


Real Weddings: To the moon and back

To the moon and back

Sophie and James met online. "I lived in Portsmouth and James in Gloucester so we agreed to meet halfway for a drink," Sophie tells us. "On the day, my car didn't start so our first date was delayed but James presumed that I wasn't going to show up!"

The couple became engaged almost two years later during a surprise proposal in the Lake District. "James got down on one knee and presented me with a beautiful diamond ring which was a wonderful surprise! We celebrated with dinner in a local pub, it was the perfect private proposal to mirror our intimate family wedding that was to follow."


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