Fantastic fireworks

Fantastic fireworks

Q. Can you give us some ideas for a firework display at our micro wedding of just 15 guests?

A. Michelle and Mike Glovers says: Fireworks can add something extra special to a micro wedding, with a spectacular display that might not have been affordable with the added costs of having a larger celebration.

At the right venue, fireworks can provide a short outdoor blast of excitement for guests, providing a fabulous finale to your micro wedding.

Sonic Fireworks can also provide sparklers and hand-held fountains of all sizes and colours, including eco-sparklers (non-metal) that are one-metre in length - a real novelty for guests!

We recently provided a display for an intimate wedding at the stunning Harefield Barn in Devon. After dinner, the guests went outside to watch a magnificent fireworks display set to music providing them with a lasting memory of the special day.

Michelle and Mike Glovers, Sonic Fireworks